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Shearing & wool handling – learn from the experts

Ulster Wool is the approved provider for shearing and wool handling training in the Ulster region, with a programme designed to support candidates of all abilities in learning and developing a traditional rural skill.

Ulster Wool courses are recognised across the world and tailored to individual level of ability – from an absolute beginner (Blue Seal) to an advanced stage (Gold Seal). Course content is designed to achieve a number of individual objectives - from shearing your flock more efficiently and effectively, to building foundations for career entry opportunities, to supporting entry at global competitions of the highest standards.

Shearing training

Courses are led by a team of registered and highly experienced instructors. Shearing courses are generally delivered over a 2 day period during the shearing season. Ulster Wool also delivers bespoke training courses for gangs at your premises, focusing on improving specific skills within your team. For all shearing courses, you will need to bring a handpiece in good running order and sufficient clean combs and cutters. Appropriate clean clothing must be worn.

Related Skills training

Ulster Wool also runs a number of one day courses covering a range of skills essential to the shearing process.

Wool handling

Learn how to handle, prepare and pack your clip to the highest standards, achieving the best possible price for your wool.   

Crutching Courses

This is the ideal course for a complete beginner to understand how to handle sheep and equipment before attending a Blue Seal shearing course. Learn the different methods of crutching sheep, preparing lambs for abattoirs in line with current legislation and preparing ewes for lambing.

Gear Courses

Find out about the various combs available, the uses they have and how to comb shear effectively and efficiently. Information about different machines, droppers and handpieces will be covered extensively.

Sharpening/Grinding Courses

Get the ultimate edge on your gear. Improve your technique and understand more about the best methods to care for and sharpen your combs and cutters, ensuring optimum equipment performance.

Blade shearing

Learn how to prepare and maintain your blades for optimum efficiency and shear your sheep in line with best practice industry techniques.

Certificates are awarded on successful completion of all courses.

If you're interested in booking a shearing training course, or you have any questions, please contact Jayne Harkness-Bones - or 02894 462131.

Protect your investment with expert training from Ulster Wool Protect your investment with expert training from Ulster Wool
Learn the best techniques to maximise the value of your wool clip Learn the best techniques to maximise the value of your wool clip